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Song SentenceAlbumArtist
'By The Way', you can 'Get Stoned' from the 'Lips of an Angel'
'Trust Me', 'She Is' 'How to Save A Life'
'This Velvet Glove' 'Easily' covers the 'Scar Tissue' on my hand
'The Diary of Jane' says that 'You' like to 'Dance With The Devil'
'Take A Bow', 'Glorious' 'Knights of Cydonia'
I 'Make Her Say' 'Up Up & Away' every 'Day N Night'
'Joe Bean' got 'Folsom Prison Blues' from starring at 'The Wall'
The 'Beast And The Harlot' 'Trashed And Scattered' the 'Bat Country'
I'm 'Not Afraid' of 'Talking 2 Myself' because I'm 'Going Through Changes'
She came 'Back in Black' and said she would 'Shoot To Thrill', so I said 'Have A Drink on Me'
The 'Secret' 'Must Get Out', 'She Will Be Loved'
Song SentenceAlbumArtist
'My Hero's 'Monkey Wrench' is for'Everlong'
'Read My Mind' 'Uncle Johnny', 'The River Is Wild'
'Don't Fake This' you 'Comfortable Liar', just 'Send The Pain Below'
'Take The Power Back', we're 'Killing In The Name of' 'Freedom'
'Bitch', 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking'? 'I Got The Blues
It's 'Never Too Late' to 'Riot' 'Over And Over'
'Welcome To The Jungle', 'Mr. Brownstone'
I'll Go 'Deep Inside You', but I'll 'Never Let You Go' '10 Days Late'
If you are 'Hot For Teacher', 'Jump' and scream 'Panama'
The 'Joker And The Theif' hid under the 'Colossal' 'Apple Tree'

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