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Can you name the following 'facts' from American history, according to the book Dave Barry Slept Here?

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Which river would have foiled a Christmas attack on Trenton in 1776, had not George Washington inspired the troops by saying, 'We'll row over there in boats.'?
Which amendment to the Constitution allows you to say, 'You troops are just going to have to sleep on the patio.'?
Which early English colony was so named because it was more diplomatic than calling Queen Elizabeth I 'the Really Ugly Queen'?
What was the name of the largest Dutch settlement in the New World, which had a thriving economy based on illegal parking until it was taken over by the English?
What common name given to a 1754-1763 conflict is 'stupid' since the two named groups were on the same side?
Which parcel was advertised in the New York Times as '34 hillion jillion acres convenient to West perfect for growing nation'?
What early 19th century U.S. foreign policy said that although European powers are not allowed to interfere with the western hemisphere, 'we are, ha ha ha'?
Which 1848 treaty between the U.S. and Mexico ensured that 'the United States got the Southwest and California, and Mexico got smaller'?
During which post-Civil War period did the South go from 'a region where blacks had no rights' to 'a region where blacks were supposed to have rights but didn't'?
Which labor activist and founder of the AFL had a last name that 'would be an excellent name for a large dog'?
What U.S. ship, 'in a surprise stroke of good fortune, exploded and sank in Havana harbor' in 1898, giving the United States a pretext for war against Spain?
Which U.S. president, in order to overcome his adversaries, would 'speak very softly, forcing them to lean forward, straining to hear', and then 'hammer them with a big stick'?
Who won the 1912 U.S. presidential election using the slogan, 'He'll Eventually Get Us Into World War I'?
What term refers to women who demanded and ultimately won the right to vote by 'marching around in public wearing hats the size of elementary schools'?
What event signaling the start of the Great Depression should have been foreseen, given that it came only weeks after 'Mauve Wednesday' and 'Dark Navy Blue Friday'?
During which 1948 relief effort against a Soviet blockade were 'individual cans of Spam clocked at upwards of 130 mph'?
What U.S. spy plane was shot down in 1960 over the USSR, causing the Russians to use 'the kind of paranoid thinking that makes them so untrustworthy' and accuse the U.S. of spying?
What 'poet-songwriter-nasal whiner' expressed the spirit of the 1960s with lyrics such as 'How many times can a man be a man before a man is a man?'?
Who did Richard Nixon defeat in the 1972 presidential election by carrying 'all the states and every major planet except Massachusetts'?
What swimming animal did President Jimmy Carter say had approached him threateningly while he was out canoeing? ('We swear we are not making this up.')
What Caribbean nation did the U.S. invade in 1983, overcoming 'numerous loose goats' while saving an 'abundant natural supply of American medical students'?

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