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George or Kramer?G or K?
Grew up celebrating Festivus
Reeled in a rye loaf to his girlfriend's apartment
Nailed FDR with a snowball
Held a record in the game 'Frogger'
Played Trivial Pursuit with the Bubble Boy
Converted to Latvian Orthodox
Worked for the Yankees
Has a friend named Bob Sacameno
Took two jackets from Jerry in one episode
Was mistaken for an anti-semitic author
George or Kramer?G or K?
Went to school with Jerry
Wasn't in the 'Chinese Restaurant' episode
Was addicted to Kenny Rogers Roasters
Sacrificed women and children to flee a small fire
Inspired a woman to get a nose job
Gambled on airport arrival times
Was shown eating ice cream on camera at the U.S Open
Tried to recycle cans in Michigan
Hosted his own version of the 'Merv Griffin Show'
Hit a hole-in-one in a whales blowhole

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