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Students at Harvard (30,000)
Length of NBA 3-pt shot (18 ft)
Length of Titanic (800 ft)
Percentage of world population that are female (50%)
World cities over 10 million people (35)
MLB teams Kenny Lofton played for (8)
Total 'Big 4' sports franchises (100)
Number of popular votes won by George McGovern in 1972 (20 million)
Sovereign states in Caribbean (9)
Beatles studio albums (16)
Total Seinfeld episodes (200)
Days the American Civil War lasted (1,000)
Square footage of Buckingham Palace (1,000,000 sq. ft)
Stitches on an NFL ball? (10)
Founding members of League of Nations (35)
Strings on a grand concert harp (30)
Population of Egypt (70,000,000)
Weight of newborn blue whale (10 tons)
Letters in Russian alphabet (41)
Number of copies of Michael Jackson's Thriller sold (80 million)

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