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DescriptionNFL Team
A white circle with a grey outline, inside is 3 diamonds, yellow, red, and blue, with the team name.
An orange B with 3 black stripes coming down from the top.
A white horse with orange hair and a navy outline.
A blue cat on it's hind legs roaring.
A royal blue animal leaping forward on it's hind legs with a red stripe coming down from it's face.
A plain orange helmet.
A red, white, and blue bull with a white star in the middle.
Two blue letters outlined by red. The second letter is underlining the first.
A gold lightning bolt with a powder blue outlining followed by another navy outline.
A black cat growling with a blue outline.
A blue horseshoe with white dots inside.
A dark red flag with a skeleton head, 2 swords, and a football.
A white G inside a dark green oval with a gold outlining.
2 red letters in an arrowhead.
An American style face.
A navy and gold animal with a curved horn.
DescriptionNFL Team
The head of a red bird with a gold beak.
A black and red bird with it's wing down.
A black and gold fleur-de-lis.
A blue star with a grey outline followed by another blue outline.
A gold cat with black dots hissing with a teal tongue showing.
A blue and navy bird with a neon green eye.
An orange letter that stands for the city with a white outline followed by another navy outline.
A navy circle with a T and 3 red stars surrounding it. Navy, light blue, and red fire coming out of the circle.
A pirate's face wearing a helmet with 2 swords, and the team name in a shield.
A sea creature with a helmet on with a background of the sun.
A person with a gold moustache, long gold hair, and a gold helmet with 2 white horns.
A fierce midnight green, white, grey, and black bird with a silver beak.
A hunter green oval with 2 white letters with the team name over the 2 letters with a football under all the letters.
A purple bird with a metallic gold outline and a metallic gold B on it's face with a white beak.
A gold circle with an indian face inside. 2 feathers on the back of the gold circle.
A red oval with a gold outline followed by another black outline with 2 letters inside.

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