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How many symphonies did Beethoven complete in his lifetime?
What is Schubert's 8th Symphony nicknamed?
In what year did Chopin die?
Who wrote the famous song cycle 'Die Winterreise'?
How many sons did Johann Sebastian Bach have?
Who wrote the famous piano work 'Liebesträume'?
What opus number is Brahms first symphony?
In what key is Mozart's third violin concerto?
What piece about the dead was Mozart writing when he died?
Who wrote the 'Four Seasons' violin concertos?
In what time period of music was Haydn?
Who wrote the piece 'Music for 18 Musicians'?
Arnold Schoenberg developed _____ tone technique.
Where was Clara Schumann from?
Who composed the piece 'Peer Gynt Suite'?
Who made a piece where the performer(s) remained silent for 4 minutes and 33 seconds?
How many string quartets did Beethoven compose?

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