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Can you name the videogame Before & After from the characters in each game?

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CharactersBefore & AfterCharacters
Mario, Luigi, BowserCpl. Joe 'Red' Hartsock, Cpl. Sam Corrion, Pfc. Jack Courtland
Keith, Skye, BanditShu, Marumaru, Nene
Kirby, Metaknight, MarxRoddick Farrence, Ronyx J. Kenny, Asmodeus
Nathan Zachary, Jack Mulligan, Ulysses BootheVyse, Fina, Galcian
Jack Cayman, Agent XIII, Kreese KreeleyArthas, Varian Wrynn, Thrall
Fei Fong Wong, Elly Van Houten, DeusMarcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, General RAAM
Link, Ganondorf, SariaMiller, Richard, Wild Dog
Isaac Clarke, Zach Hammond, Nicole BrennanDanger Dan, Evo, Professor Cheese
CharactersBefore & AfterCharacters
Ryu, Bo, NinaEliwood, Lundgren, Lyn
Dark King Onyx, King of the Land, HeroLord Morglin Ironfist, Ragnar, Queen Lamanda
Joanna Dark, Elvis, Daniel CarringtonWar, Azrael, Samael
Gabe Logan, Singularity, BlakeFaith, Jacknife, Merc
Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, PicoCATS, Mechanic, Operator
Aya Brea, Melissa Pearce, EveUriam Kador, Yonis Ardishapur, Tenerhaddi Dykon
Kameo, Theena, KalusApollus, Wang-Tang, Gunrock

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