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What is the name of the Xbox's online service?Xbox 360, Xbox
What is the name of the DJ in Burnout: Paradise?Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Can you name any of the four playable survivors in Left 4 Dead?Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Characters from what popular Sci-Fi franchise are playable in Soul Calibur IV?Xbox 360, PS3
What World War II shooter features the voicework of Kiefer Sutherland?Xbox 360, PS3, PC
What Xbox Live Arcade game came on the hard drive of Xbox 360 launch consoles?Xbox 360
Dead Rising takes place in what zombie infested mall in Colorado?Xbox 360, Wii
What is the name of the unlockable DragonForce song in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PC
Who developed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?PS3
Who voices Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots?PS3
Wii Sports Resort comes packaged with what Wii accessory?Wii
What chemical is Samus corrupted by in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?Wii
Who is the 'watcher of the stars' that pilots the Comet Observatory across the universe in Super Mario Galaxy?Wii
Who is the daughter of Jacob Keyes in Halo 2?Xbox
What is the name of the main protagonist in Psychonauts?Xbox, PS2, PC
Grand Theft Auto III takes place in what city?PS2, PC, Xbox
What game did Penny Arcade call 'The best use of smokey shadow guys who try to steal your princess, who might be blind or something, we're not really sure?'PS2
Who is Tidus' dad in Final Fantasy X?PS2
What is the name of Wander's horse in Shadow of the Colossus?PS2
What is the subtitle of Eternal Darkness?Gamecube
What is the name of the yellow analog stick on the Gamecube controller?Gamecube
What does Olimar call Pikmin nests in Pikmin?Gamecube
What Resident Evil was originally released on the Dreamcast and eventually ported to the Gamecube and PS2?Dreamcast
What is the name of the unlockable stopwatch character in Diddy Kong Racing?N64
What single player bonus stage was included in Super Smash Bros. but not in Super Smash Bros. Melee?N64
In what fictional land does The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask take place?N64
What Nintendo character made his debut in Mario Tennis (N64)?N64
What item was hidden in every level of Tony hawk's Pro Skater?Playstation, N64
What is the name of Midway's football game that features no penalties and 30 yard first-downs?Playstation, N64, Arcade
Can you name any of the five Dragon Families in Spyro the Dragon?Playstation
What company originally produced the 3DO?3DO
Who pilots the Blue Falcon in F-Zero?Super Nintendo
Who is described as Donkey Kong's nephew in Donkey Kong Country?Super Nintendo
In Breath of Fire, what clan does Ryu belong to?Super Nintendo
What type of animal is Knuckles (Sonic's rival in Sonic the Hedgehog 3)?Genesis
Who says 'All your base are belong to us' in the poorly translated European version of Zero Wing?Genesis
What is Dragon Warrior call in Japan?NES
Who is the knight that the player controls in Ghosts 'n Goblins?NES
Who is the Goddess of Light in Kid Icarus?NES
What is the name of the power-up that turns samus into a small ball in Metroid?NES
Can you name any of the Robot Masters in Mega Man (1)?NES
How much did the Atari 2600 cost when it was originally released in North America in 1977?Atari 2600
Who holds the current high score (as of 7-24-2010) in Donkey Kong, according to Twin Galaxies?Arcade
What item are you trying to collect in the levels of Scribblenauts?Nintendo DS
What were the two new Pokémon types added in Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal?Gameboy Color
What is the first game featuring Kirby?Gameboy
What is the name of the disbarred attourney who has filed many lawsuits against violent game developers?The Law
Where is Bioware's headquarters?Developers
What 3D Realms game has been in development since 1997 and has still not been released?TBD
What console was codenamed 'Project Reality?'?

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