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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to one question from each episode of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother?

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In the pilot, Barney tells Ted to not even think about getting married until he's how old?
In The Purple Giraffe, Robin reports about a boy stuck inside of what?
In The Sweet Taste of Liberty, what is in Barney's suitcases he puts on the baggage claim?
In Return of the Shirt, Ted dumps a girl twice on what occasion?
In Okay Awesome, who does Barney dance with at the club?
In The Slutty Pumpkin, what does Ted go dressed as for Halloween?
In Matchmaker, what is the profession of the engaged woman Ted had a 9.6 compatibility rating with?
In The Duel, what is the name of Ted's old coffee pot?
In Belly Full of Turkey, what is the name of the Erickson's game they invented?
In The Pineapple Incident, whose number is written on Ted's arm?
In The Limo, what is the name of the famous person the gang thinks they invite into their limo?
In The Wedding, what is the name of the friend of Ted and Marshall's who is getting married?
In Drumroll Please, what is the name of the girl Ted meets at the wedding?
In Zip, Zip, Zip, where do Lily and Marshall get stuck when Ted and his girlfriend come home early?
In Game Night, what is the name of Barney's girlfriend he had just out of college?
In Cupcake, where is the culinary institute Ted's girlfriend is offered a scholarship to located?
In Life Among the Gorillas, what song do Marshall and Lily sing at karaoke?
In Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 AM, what does Robin ask Ted to come over to make?
In Mary the Paralegal, what does Ted think is Mary's profession?
In Best Prom Ever, what is the mascot Barney dresses as to sneak into the dance?
In Milk, where does Lily think about going for an art fellowship?
In Come On, Ted does what to try and stop Robin's camping trip from happening?

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