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Forced Order
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Character played by Michael J. Fox?
Character played by Christopher Lloyd?
Full name for character above??
Marty's mother's maiden name?
Marty's father's name?
What is the main antagonists name?
What is the name of Marty's band?
Who is the artist that makes a camo in the band audition scene?
What song does Marty audition with?
Year the film takes place?
What is the name of the mall in the beginning?
What does it change to?
Who was the owner of the land in the 50s?
What is the name of the comic book that leads people to believe the Delorean isa space craft?
What was the nationality of the terrorists who shoot Doc?
What is the speed necessary to time travel?
How many jiggawats are needed to time travel?
What year does Marty travel back to?
What does Doc ask about the future?
What is the year on Marty's sister's shirt?
Lorraine thinks Marty's name is this..
What color underwear is Marty wearing?
What to people think Marty's vest is?
What does Marty ask for in the cafe originally?
When George tries to ask Lorraine out what does he say?
Who is the teacher that never had hair?
What was the name of the cafe Marty goes to in the beginning?
What does Doc apologize for about his scale model?
What is the name of the school dance?
What does Biff hate?
What does Marty use to travel?
How much time are Doc's clocks set back in the beginning scene?
What is the name of the band playing at the Enchantment under the Sea dance?
Who does the guitarist call when Marty is playing?
What song does Marty play that's an 'oldie'?
What song is playing when Marty arrives in the 50s?
What gas station is seen when he arrives?
What is the name of Doc's dog in the 1980s?
What is the name of Doc's dog in the 1950s?
The two Huey Lewis songs featured in the film are ________ and _________
How long is Marty stuck in the 50s?
What is the date of his arrival to the 50s
What is the title of George's book?
How old is Marty?
What is the number of Doc's house in the 50s?
What restaurant is next to Doc's place in the 80s?
Marty sets the time machine to go back how many minutes before he originally left?
What is Marty's house number?
What does Doc ask Marty to get from his place before coming to the mall?
Who is Marty's girlfriend?

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