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Can you name the officers that appeared in the Police Academy movies more than once?

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Movie DebutOfficerPersonal Traits
Police AcademyNatural leader, prankster and skirt chaser
Police AcademyMartial arts master, crazy sound effects
Police AcademyA big giant teddy bear, unless he's angered
Police AcademyStrong, stoic and sexually aggressive
Police AcademyGuns, guns, knives, bazooka, tank and guns
Police AcademySmall cop, big voice ('Don't move, dirtbag!')
Police AcademyAccident prone, drives a station wagon
Police AcademyBully, unintentional Blue Oyster patron
Police AcademyBully, unintentional Blue Oyster patron
Police AcademyDrill sergeant nasty, status seeker, dork
Police AcademyA very, very, very eccentric, mentor
Movie DebutOfficerPersonal Traits
Police AcademyThe straight man and man in charge
PA2: Their First AssignmentNaive, childish, bumbling, assistant
PA2: Their First AssignmentManipulative status seeker, rival
PA2: Their First AssignmentSmall and nerdy, partnered with a wild cop
PA2: Their First AssignmentWild gangleader to wild cop, screams a lot
PA2: Their First AssignmentGunslinging gal, militaristic style
PA2: Their First AssignmentBrother to the gunslinging gal
PA3: Back in Training Martial artist, foreign-exchange cadet
PA4: Citizens on PatrolThis man is phat, larger than life
PA5: Assignment Miami BeachLeader, prankster, skirt chaser and nephew

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