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She spent much of her life scavenging the desert of Jakku in order to survive
Begins his journey in the Star Wars story as a member of The First Order; however, he abandons his post as a Stormtrooper.
One of The Resistance’s most talented and brave X-wing squadron leaders
a Force-weilding warrior operating under orders from powerful Dark Side figure Supreme Leader Snoke
A fierce First Order loyalist, she leads the next generation of stormtroopers into battle
An astromech droid with connections to Poe Dameron, Rey, and the larger Residence force
A powerful Jedi warrior, and with the help of his father, destroyed Emperor Palpatine’s autocratic strangle hold on the galaxy
Hidden from her true father and brother for decades, she was already a key member of the Rebellion, following in her adopted father’s footsteps
After killing Greedo, the pilot of the Millennium Falcon smuggled Luke Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi off Tatooine and into the galactic war stage
Han Solo’s lovable best friend and first mate, he was both the muscle and the heart of the Millennium Falcon during the Rebellion era
The childhood creation of future-Jedi warrior Anakin Skywalker, he was initially built from discarded protocol droid parts
Leia implanted stolen Death Star schematics inside hiss memory, and sends the droid on a mission to find Obi-Wan Kenobi
A skilled (if occasionally reckless) X-wing starfighter pilot for the Resistance
Part of the tireless technical crew that provides mechanical support to the Resistance’s fleet of starfighters
A constant fixture in Resistance base control rooms, offering tactical data and communications support during important operations
Tough and hard-working, this droid is part of the ground crew that keeps the Resistance starfighters fueled and combat-ready
Leader of the First Order military installation, Starkiller Base
Kylo Ren’s mysterious master and a powerful Dark Force wielder
A small, brutish scavenger that roams Jakku’s vast wasteland on his semi-mechanical Luggabeast
A scavenger and trader who scours frontier worlds for riches. He must wear a specialized mask that keeps his native atmosphere circulating through his alien lungs
An alien pirate lord who provides Finn and Rey with vital information on their journey
Leads the notorious Kanjiklub gang, an intergalactic criminal organization
A vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world, he keeps order in a frontier trading post
A Jakku junk dealer that provides food for any useful 'junk'

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