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which boyband hold the record most UK no.1's
The worlds biggest selling album for a boyband
How many UK No.1's have the Backstreet boys had
NKOTB exists of how many brothers
Who sang 'I Swear'
which Boyband hole the then record for the USA longest no.1
What was the TV show that produced O-Town
biggest selling no.1 song in the UK from a typical boyband
Who sang Somewhere, Someday the theme tune to Pokemon
Which U.S state are the majority of BSB from
Who Sang 'Wierd' & 'I will come to you'
Take That first UK no.1 Single
True or False: 1D have sold more records than BSB
who did a duet with Take That on 'Relight my fire'
who won record of the year 3 times in the UK
which member from any boyband has the most success worldwide
name both members of wham
Who had a hit with 'Story of my life'
Who had a hit with Nsync on Girlfriend
Who's Album is called 'Pet Sounds'

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