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Micheal Myers hunts down Laurie on 31st october.
Spanner, hammer and what?
Toys gone bad!
The 'first slasher movie'. Stay out of the shower!
It's night are there are zombies.
He's got a hockey mask!
His name makes you hungry.
It's actual name is Xenomorph.
It went cabin, cabin, middle ages.
Heeeerres Johnny!
The first vampire movie.
He's invisable... is he still here?
He's a man. Now he's a wolf.
Ah, it's a little girl... why are her eyes black?
They take your body and there invading!
It's a shark! There gonna need a bigger boat!
It's a ghost that talks through the T.V...riiiight...
Hey, what's that mask your wearing? And that... chainsaw your holding?
'Atention. This is the final stop. Please exit the vehical.
The one thing you DON'T do is ressurect a slasher villan. Oh. Your a slasher villan too. Well, this isn't going to end well.
What do you do when your scared?
What do you get when you put together a person and a small, flying insect?

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