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Word Origin or UsageMagic Word
The Fairy Godmother's magic song (Disney's 'Cinderella')
Words used by Ali Baba (and the 40 thieves) to open a cave
Common magic word with five A's; similar to the killing curse in 'Harry Potter' novels
Merlin's packing song (Disney's 'Sword in the Stone')
Line the witches repeat as they brew (Shakespeare's 'Macbeth')
Children learn these magic words to help them get their way
Wizard whose name Captain Marvel speaks to turn his powers on/off
Word Origin or UsageMagic Word
Common magic words invoking a 'quick change'
Rhyme often used to address a star for wishing
Common magic words; likely from the sacramental Latin: 'Hoc est corpus meum'
The Amazing Mumford's all-purpose incantation ('Sesame Street')
Saying this person's name supposedly summons them to attack you
Any of the words used to transform someone into a rabbit (Disney's 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks')
How the evil queen addressed her oracle for comparing her beauty to Snow White's

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