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Can you name the causes of death (P for plane crash, D for drug-related death)?

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NameDeath DescriptionYear of Death: Person Description
Will Rogers1935: Vaudeville performer, humorist
Sigmund Freud1939: Father of psychoanalysis
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry1944: Writer ('The Little Prince')
Joseph McCarthy1957: US Senator (known for concern of communist plots)
Ritchie Valens1959: Singer, songwriter, musician ('La Bamba')
Marilyn Monroe1962: Actress, model, singer ('Some Like It Hot')
Mohammed bin Laden1967: Businessman, patriarch of the bin Laden family
Yuri Gagarin1968: Pilot, cosmonaut (first man in space)
Judy Garland1969: Actress, singer ('The Wizard of Oz')
Janis Joplin1970: Singer, songwriter
Jimi Hendrix1970: Musician, singer, songwriter
NameDeath DescriptionYear of Death: Person Description
Jim Croce1973: Singer, songwriter ('Bad, Bad Leroy Brown')
Howard Hughes1976: Businessman, aviator, engineer, philanthropist
Elvis Presley1977: Singer, actor ('Love Me Tender')
Chris Farley1997: Comedian, actor ('SNL')
Jonh Denver1997: Singer, musician, songwriter ('Rocky Mountain High')
John F. Kennedy, Jr.1999: Socialite, publisher, lawyer (son of US president)
Chase Tatum2008: WCW wrestler
Heath Ledger2008: Actor ('The Dark Knight')
Lech Kaczyński2010: President of Poland
Thomas Kinkade2012: Painter

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