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Description of SocietyTitleYear (Literature/Film)
Naive human race is fed and then preyed upon by secretive, extra-evolved humans.(1895)
Impenetrable legal system prevents the accused from ever finding out his crime.(1925)
All children are divided into classes before birth, with lower classes being chemically programmed to fit their destined roles.(1932)
Animals overthrow a farmer only to be ruled by oppressive pigs.(1945)
Superstate constantly monitors citizens and ruthlessly re-indoctrinates any that show independent thought.(1949/1984)
Murder is tolerated but possessors of illegal literature are declared insane and committed.(1951)
Stranded children turn violent as their 'government' collapses.(1954)
Businesses and government destroy the economy in attempts to create fairness.(1957)
Government provides one loop-hole for avoiding military service, but exploiting it disqualifies the applicant for exception.(1961)
Government prescribes handicaps to equalize ability, such as weights for the strong and masks for the beautiful.(1961)
Overpopulation leads to riots when too little of a mysterious new food source is available.(1966/1973)
Community members are systematically replaced by superior android duplicates.(1973)
Self-aware network of computers and their agents attempt to subdue humanity.(1984)
Condemned prisoners are made to play deadly games for the entertainment of a television audience.(1987)
Description of SocietyTitleYear (Literature/Film)
Totalitarian theocracy has overthrown the US government and women live in subjugation.(1990)
Population kept naive by unseen government which controls every aspect of life--including 'releasing' rule-breakers, the elderly, and unwanted babies.(1993)
Having eliminated violent crime, government prosecutes offenses such as profanity.(1993)
Barely surviving a devastating flood, mankind is reduced to essentially isolated tribes and a few drifters.(1995)
When most people are genetically engineered to perfection, those conceived naturally are treated as an inferior race.(1997)
Humanity experiences only a computer-generated simulation of reality.(1999)
US government imprisons would-be murderers preemptively as directed by psychics.(1956/2002)
Oppressive government displays its power by forcing children to fight to the death.(2008)
In a UK damaged by nuclear war, a fascist party has exterminated its opponents in concentration camps and now rules the country as a police state.(1982/2006)
Increasingly harsh government actions are required to prevent riots as mankind faces extinction by infertility.(2006)
Humanity flees ecological disaster and becomes helpless, their needs met by their ship's auto-pilot.(2008)
Government and corporations ruthlessly extract blood from the healthy to sustain victims of a plague.(2009)
Boarding school keeps cloned students ignorant of their destiny as organ donors.(2005/2010)
Society traps newcomers where they cannot escape daily abuse by enormous, playful members of another society who are unaware that they are causing pain.(2010)

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