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Can you name the movie titles when given clues to their two words?

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Description of First WordMovie TitleDescription of Second Word
A chamber for holding a liquid or fluidDomesticated canids
Term used to express affirmationThe human individual as representing the species
Shameful or DisgracefulIllegitimate children
The space behind somethingAn opening in a wall for the admission of air and light
A native or naturalised member of a nation The long jointed pithy or hollow flexible stem of the bamboo, rattan, or any similar plant
Those who take vengeanceTo fit or join together
To be in a fit of violent angerSlang for exaggerations, lies or nonsense
The broad part of a leaf, sepal or petalEither of the strips of wood or metal on which a sledge runs
Brought forth by birthAn applicant to, or student at, a school that was attended by their parent.
Any of the heavenly bodiesA long journey
Description of First WordMovie TitleDescription of Second Word
Belonging to an aromatic European shrub, often used in cookingAn immature or childish person
Of occult character, power, or significanceAny abundant stream or copious flow
Something that is a non-functioning replica of something else, esp a miniature oneThe plot or succession of incidents of a novel, poem, drama, etc
Freedom from the control of othersThe time between sunrise and sunset
A window covering having horizontal or vertical slats that can be drawn out of the wayTo support or associate oneself with a faction, interest, etc
To throw or expel with violence or forceNot present/Absent
To proceed in a reckless manner1/24th of a calendar day
Directly opposite, as in tendency or characterTo transform ideas into words
A decisive or easy victoryA newly married woman
A hinged cover for closing off a windowA mass of land surrounded by water

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