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What is Mjolnir?
What is the first movie in the MCU
Who says the quote 'Earth's mightiest heroes, that kind of thing.'?
Who is the main antagonist in Iron Man 2 who uses whips to his advantage?
How many movies will the MCU have in it (as of march of 2015) by the time it concludes phase 3?
Who is currently the biggest villain in the entire MCU?
Prior to its disbandment who was the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Who is the winter soldier?
What is the name of Iron Man's ai system
Who does Hulk fight in New York at the end of The Incredible Hulk ?
What villain is Thors adopted brother?
What race is Thor?
What group infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D?
Who is the First Avenger (not hero name)?
What year is Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 Currently slated to come into theaters?
Does Hawkeye shoot his bow left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous?
Question Answer
What is the type of animal that Rocket is embodied in, in Guardians of the Galaxy
What movie in the MCU is currently seated the lowest for worldwide box office earnings?
Who was the leader of hydra in Captain America: The first avenger
In Iron Man 3 who saves the President?
What character (not actor) will be Ant-Man in the upcoming movie?
Who is Agent Clint Barton?
What is the name of Captains Americas neighbor in Captain America: The WInter Soldier
What female character (hero) was hinted at in the mid credits scene of ant man?
Who is Captain Americas love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger?
What (iconic piece) does Betty Ross buy Bruce in The Incredible Hulk?
What is the second highest grossing movie in the MCU as of 2015?
What is currently set to be the final movie in 'Phase 3'? (It is after Infinity War)
What was the name of the arms dealer we saw in wakanda?
Who can be seen in the post credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
Where does the first Avengers movie's primary battle scene take place?
Who is the son of Odin?

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