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One item costs £7.60. Another item costs £4.40 What do they cost in total?
How much further is 735km than 525km?
What is the total of 367kg, 42kg and 165kg?
What is the total of 259m, 168m and 251m?
What is 1/4 of 560km?
What is 390 rounded to the nearest 100?
What is 1/3 of 243km?
What is 2 litres in millilitres?
A box of teabags is 15 cm long. How many of these boxes will fit on a shelf that is 80 cm long?
What is 327 rounded to the nearest 100?
Which of these weights is the heaviest? - 5.12kg, 5.6kg, 5.5kg, 5.48kg
How much heavier is 345kg than 318kg?
Which of these weights is the lightest? - 8.7kg, 8.24kg, 8.3kg, 8.35kg
How much more is £822 than £472?
One item weighs 625kg. Another items weighs 187kg. What is the total weight of the two items?
How many faces does a cuboid have?
What is 1.3 metres in centimetres?
What is the next number in this pattern? 69, 71, 73, 75, ...
There is a meeting at 9:30 am. Kevin starts cleaning the meeting room 1 1/2 hours before the meeting starts. What time does Kevin start cleaning the meeting room?
What is 142 rounded to the nearest 100?
What is the next number in this pattern? 543, 545, 547, 549, ...
What is 975 rounded to the nearest 100?
What is 154cm rounded to the nearest 10cm?
Mel starts packing glasses at 10:00. It takes him 45 minutes. Then he takes half an hour to load them onto a truck. What time does Mel finish loading the truck?
How many faces does a cube have?
The cost of a room at a hotal is £94 per night. What is the cost for 14 nights?
What is 594 to the nearest 10?
Which of these distances is the smallest? - 5.28m, 5.6m, 5.67m, 5.7m
How many right-angles does an equilateral triangle have?
What is 654cm rounded to the nearest 10cm?
What is 58 to the nearest 10?
What is 2/3 of 255km?
What is 2 000g in kilograms?
A box will hold 10 glasses. How many boxes are needed to hold 36 glasses?
What is 386 to the nearest 10?
There are 30 tablets in a box. Marie takes 3 tablets per day. How many days will it take Marie to finish all the tablets?
A job pays £10 per hour. How much would you earn in 4 days, working 7 hours per day?
What is the next number in this pattern? 3 600, 3 900, 4 200, ...
Tom starts work at 8:30 am. He works for 7 hours. What time does Tom finish work?
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