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This is another calculation that uses SUBTRACTION (taking away).

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Ellie decided to buy a pair of shoes for £27. She handed over £40, and was given £13 change. Was Ellie’s change correct?
Sam wanted to buy a ruler for 53p. He handed over 70p, and got 17p change. Did Sam receive the correct change?
Jake wants to buy a packet of crisps that costs 70p. If he pays with a £1 coin, how much change will he get?
You are buying a sandwich for £2. You pay with a £5 note. How much change should you get?
You are buying a pencil for 18p. You pay with a 50p coin. How much change should you get?
Louis wanted to buy a magazine that costs £4. He paid with a £20 note, and received £6 change. Did Louis receive the correct change?
Tarek wanted to buy a chocolate bar for 65p. He paid with a £1 coin, and received 45p change. Was this the right change?
Kelly is paying £12 for a round of drinks. She pays with a £20 note. Calculate Kelly’s change.
Nina is buying a book for £7. She pays with a £10 note. How much change should she receive?
Teya wants to buy a bottle of water that costs 45p. She pays with a £1 coin. How much should Teya’s change be?

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