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QUIZ: Can you name the poet or author based on the first letter of the acronym?

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First Letter of Last NamePoet or AuthorHint
TCreater of Bilbo Baggins
R'The Silent Lover' and 'The Lie'
A'A Dream'
GMid-1700's writer of 'The Bard'
EPsuedonym for Mary Ann Evans
D'The Flea' and 'The Damp'
YNo Second Troy
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DMid-1600s educated at Westminster School; 'A Song from the Italian'
R'The Face of the Deep' and 'Goblin Market
First Letter of Last NamePoet or AuthorHint
A'Pride and Prejudice'
MBorn on Bread Street, London, wrote 'Paradise Lost'
AConsidered 'The worst poet of the Victorian Age'
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C'The Approaching Night'
O'Anthem for Doomed Youth'
MLived during Shakespearian time, 'Tamburlaine the Great'
E'When it was Autumn in Eden,' also still alive today
DParaphrased Old Testsment Verses, wrote 'The Battle of Agincourt'
YAnagram of yeast and the same answer as #7

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