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'Simplify! Simplify!'
'There is sobbing of the strong, And a pall upon the land; But the People in their weeping Bare the iron hand...'
'And quoth the raven, Nevermore.'
'His wings are clipped and his feet are tied, So he opens his throat to sing.'
'Virtue runs before the muse'
'And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.'
'Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me...'
'What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?'
'Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.'
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time, Look'd up in perfect silence at the stars.'
'Listen my children, and you shall hear, of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.'

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