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Can you name the 4-letter words that complete the word ladder. The theme is US Professional Sports

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Hint4 Letter Word
*Singular form of Indianapolis NFL Team*
*San Diego Chargers logo*
*Last name of Brock & Torry*
Stopping abruptly
*___ of Fame*
*Item used in many sports*
*Illegal motion made by pitcher*
*4 Balls*
*Washington Point Guard*
Disney or Whitman
Take with a grain of ___
Germinated cereal grains
Landlocked country in West Africa
*Abbreviated form of state that is home to Warriors, 49ers, Athletics*
Sleveless women's undergarment
Hint4 Letter Word
*NFL offseason practice, Training ___*
Slightly wet
Trash heap, or big poop
*White men can't ___*
*Term for pitching mound*
*When wide receiver speeds passed defensive back*
*Pitcher with bad aim, described as 'can't hit broadside of a ___'*
Sound a dog makes
*Fenway ___*
A positive
Top of a Mountain
Type of Fruit
Able to perceive sound
*NBA team in Miami*

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