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Can you name the element that connects the names of the two places described?

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An industrial town in northern Mie, and the district of Tokyo that lies west of Iidabashi on the Sobu Line
Two prefectural capitals on the island of Shikoku
An archipelago in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the longest-named of the Three Views of Japan
The former castle town of Kato Kiyomasa in Kyushu, and an area in southern Kansai known for its ancient pilgrim trails
The original names of both Nara and Kyoto
Two mountainous areas of Kansai, made famous by the ninja
The largest city of the Ryukyu Islands, and the northern third of Tochigi Prefecture
Two of Japan's twelve remaining original castles, one in Fukui Prefecture, the other in Kagawa Prefecture
Osaka's otaku district, and Tokyo's most notoriously salaryman-focused station area
Takeda Shingen's seat of power, and the original capital of Kyushu
A Tokyo suburb in northwest Kanagawa Prefecture, and the site of Tokugawa Ieyasu's decisive victory in 1600
The historical capital and largest city of the Hida region, and the current capital of the prefecture bordering it to the north
Two old provinces of Japan, one in modern Kyoto Prefecture and one in modern Hiroshima Prefecture, both of which are homonyms of English nouns
The largest city of Tohoku, and a sacred mountain in Tottori Prefecture
A mountainous region of Saitama Prefecture, and the largest of the Ogasawara Islands
A Kyushu peninsula known for rebellious Christians, and an island south of Kyushu famous for muskets and rocket launches
The second largest Japanese city to avoid American bombs, and the Uesugi clan's last castle town
Shinzo Abe's hometown in the far west of Honshu, and the location of the Dutch trading colony during the Edo Period
PlacesElementFull Answer
Two Yamanote Line stations in Tokyo, the closest to the Metropolitan Government Building and Meiji Shrine respectively
The leading green tea producing prefecture of Japan, and the hometown of Momotaro
The second least populated prefecture, and Japan's easternmost town
The fishing port that was once Southern Kyushu's only foreign gateway, and the only prefectural capital with one syllable in its name
The largest city of eastern Aomori Prefecture, and a plateau in a national park to the southwest of that city
A Tokyo district famous for its November 'Bird Market', and the home of a rare Japanese species of wildcat
A town in Ibaraki Prefecture important to the history of Aikido, and a town in western Honshu with an American military base
Two towns in Aichi Prefecture, one named after a car manufacturer, the other recorded as having Japan's best Quidditch team
The sixth largest island of Japan, and a town with an important shrine to Hachiman which shares its name with a country
An isolated town halfway up Hokkaido's Okhotsk coast, and the most famous hot spring resort on the same island
An area of Kyoto famous for kimono production, and an area of Osaka famous for danger
A town near Osaka famous for an all-female theatre troupe, and the site of Narita Airport made famous by fierce protests
The former name of the centre of Saitama City, and a peninsula south of Tokyo that was once home to a samurai from Kent
The only Japanese castle on Hokkaido, and the capital of the prefecture between Tochigi and Nagano
Two Tokyo suburbs, one made famous by a motorcycle company, the other with a large immigrant population
Two historic towns and tourist spots, one in Kanagawa Prefecture, the other in Okayama Prefecture
A city on the western tip of Honshu famous for fugu fish, and a fashionable district of south-western Tokyo

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