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 First ever car to have obscured windscreen wiper spindles
 First ever mass produced car
 How many times has Loeb won the WRC?
 In what year Jaques Villeneuve win the F1 World Championship?
 In what year was the Jaguar E-type launched?
 How long was the 1959 Mini? (in metres)
 How many Ford Escort RS Cosworths were made?
 Which Land Rover was launched in 1979?
 What number plate is found on the red mini in the original Italian Job?
 What was the first ever production car to have a McPherson Strut type suspension?
 How fast is the fastest speeding ticket ever issued? (in MPH)
 What car was it set in?
 Which car has had over 45 million examples sold worldwide since its introduction in 1966, making it the world's best selling car?
 What is the fastest time ever set around the Nurburgring? (Nordschleife ring)
 When was this record set?
 Who set the record?
 In what car was the record set?
 What was the smallest ever production car?
 What is the current maximum length for a Kei-car? (in metres)
 What was the first ever car to be fitted with air conditioning, and in what year?

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