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Who plays Frankie Heck?
Who plays Mike Heck?
Who plays Axl Heck?
Who plays Sue Heck?
Who plays Brick?
What is Frankies job for the first three full seasons?
How does Axl's car get destroyed in season 4?
Who's Sue's favorite member of the clergy?
What city do they live in?
What state do they live in?
What is Brick's favorite thing?
What is Sue's middle name?
Who is Frankie's dad?
Who is Frankie's mother?
Who is Mike's Father?
Who is Mike's Brother?
Who plays Mike's Brother
Who is Frankie's Sister?
Who plays Frankie's Sister?
What does Frankie eat out of a bag chips that makes her freak out?
What does Sue claim her ethnicity is on College applications?
What Sue do to Axl while learning to drive?
Who is Brick's School Psychologist?
Who plays Brick's School Psychologist?
Which Glossner has a crush on Sue?
Who is the mother in the Glossner family?
Who plays her?
Where does the Heck family go on vacation to at the end of Season 5?
What does Frankie get as a gift on the first season Mothers Day episode?
Who is the only listener to Brick's Font Podcast?

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