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What does Fed's hair look like?
What does Massimo do to girls and expects nothing in return?
Name the first R.I address?
And the Second?
Who is the best member?
What do Stefano, Massimo and Gio have in common besides being brothers?
If the Naps were eating a feast that took Nancy 3 days to cook, what would Stefano be eating?
Finish the famous quote. 'The first thing you do when you get to this house is
In Rhode Island two Dennis made a huge mistake by buying this brand of cigs and proclaiming them as his new favorite?
What is the first thing Massimo does in any situation?
How does Gio Dressethnicity
How does Gio Kissethnicity
How does Gio Driveethnicity
What is Feds's's's favorite color
Name Binny's Favorite Baseball team
Football team?
UFC fighter?
What was the name of Binny's first car?
How did Binny almost die from his car accident?think facebook video
How does Dennis like his haircut?
Yeah let me get a steak and eggs with a....
What did Vin break in RI 3?body part
In Rhode Island two what did Dennis roll into a joint and force others to smoke?
What is Vin's main nickname?
and his nickname when in Spanish countries
Who had the balls to order a salad from wild wings?

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