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Can you name the minor characters appearing in 2-4 episodes on Seinfeld?

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DescriptionCharacter Name
female co-worker who mistakes Elaine for someone named Suzie
denied customers his delicious soup
Jerry's grandmother
Jerry's girlfriend; he doesn't know her name
lives in a hermetically sealed bubble
the high talker
A childhood friend of George's, worked for Mayor Dinkins
A slimy, weasely resident of Phase Two at the Pines, owns the astronaut pen
From Pakistan
Cosmo Kramer's mother
The Maestro
is known to not wash his hands
The Virgin
His favorite saying is 'It's go time!'
receives a big screen TV
The low-talker
Hosts parties and assigns chores to the guests
Friend who gives ice hockey tickets to Jerry
DescriptionCharacter Name
the 'bra-less wonder'
Chinese food delivery boy
man who George watches Breakfast at Tiffany's with
Author who dislikes using exclamation marks
president of the company that botched the Statue of Liberty job
created one-woman show, titled 'Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil'
George said that he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard
Chairman of the Susan Ross Foundation
he uses his birthday wish against Kramer
Kramer thinks he is Salman Rushdie
bought the infamous last marble rye
Professional car parker
calls Jerry a 'phony'
A thrift store clerk who is prone to violence and works with the homeless
A library cop that Jerry has eluded since 1971
10-year-old boy who idolizes Jerry
Annoying pool boy at Jerry's former health club

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