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A- Creatures called 'Feldragons' are causing a lot of trouble in the land of Fulheim
B- Cartoon Networks newerish show staring this super hero gets a Wii game.
C- Make food through minigames with a maternal label
D- Retro Studios brings us a new instalment of everyones favorite Ape
E- Players can choose to use either paint or thinner to solve puzzels in this game
F- Bundeled with a Wii remote plus, this game stars a guy named Zip who has to save his island
G- Game based on movie franchise where you might meet characters like Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
H- A series of farming style games with subtitles such as Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade
I- The objective of the game is to guide the new born bird to its mother. Players dont control the character directly, much like Kirby Canvas Curse
J- A series of dancing games that doesnt require a dance pad, just the Wiimote
K- You've been sucked into a magical sock!
L- The target shooting game bundeled with the WiiZapper
M- Team Ninja takes a shot at the heroine space bounty hunter
N- Sequel to the Sega Saturn title, where you fly, glide, and loop your way through different worlds
O- Originally a PS2 title, this japanese inspired game put you in control of the sun god
P- The first of its series to appear on Wii. It got mediocre to poor reviews and was the first Wii title to use the Wifi connection
R- The sequel to another Wii first person shooter. This one uses the Wii motion plus and got much better ratings than its predecesor
S- New power ups like the bee and boo suits and gravity defying create an amazing game
T- Crossover Fighting game featuring characters from a japanese anime company
V- A part of the Wii shop channel where people can purchase games from past systems
W- Welcome to Wuhu Island!
X- Part of project rainfall, this game is not planned for release in america
Z- Point and click adventure where you look for the missing pieces of Barbaros' body

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