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QUIZ: Can you name the Uranium Mining/Processing/Enriching Review?

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3 Naturally Occurring Uranium Isotopes
______ can be performed when uranium ores are found in permeable aquifers contained in non-permeable aquifers
Advantages of In-Situ Leaching
Jet Boring System Objectives
Uranium Processing Step 1
Uranium Processing Step 2
Uranium Processing Step 3
Uranium Processing Step 4
All uranium minerals are _____
Improvements in hydrometallurgy have essentially eliminated the economic advantages of ____
The most common kind of uranium leaching is ______
Factors that increase dissolution in acid leaching
A decrease in particle size _____ separation efficiency in uranium grinding
The most important factor in uranium bioleaching is the presence of ___
3 Types of Uranium Enrichment
3 Types of Nuclear Reactions
____ are chemicals which slow down the neutrons produced in fission reactions
Different types of nuclear reactors

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