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Name four applications of slurry transport
Design of slurry for ore transport is highly dependent on 3 physical properties of the water-solid mixture. What are they?
When slurry concentration exceeds 70%, the flow may be treated as __________
The concentration of ore slurries is usually in the range of _____ to 40% by weight
After slurry goes through _______, its concentration rises to the range of 60-75%
Increase in specific gravity leads to a _______ in HR and ER
Decreased solids concentration ___________ the HR and ER
Increasing the pump impeller diameter ________ HR and ER
An increase in mean particle size (d50) gives an ________ in HR and ER
Total head required by a slurry pumping system divided by the total head required by a water pumping system is known as the _____
Efficiency of a pump handling slurry divided by the efficiency of a pump handling water is known as the ______

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