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What are the main functions of underground track (rail) haulage?
What factors influence the decision of rail supply haulage vs rubber tired vehicles
Why are DC motors preferred over AC motors for rail haulage?
Hydraulic brakes are effective on ________ grades
With dynamic brakes on an electric locomotive, the __________ actuates the braking
With dynamic brakes on a diesel locomotive, the locomotive is retarded or slowed through the __________
Hydraulic brakes are effective on _______ locomotives
Shoe brakes are mechanically actuated on locomotives smaller that ____________t
__________ brake systems should be considered for locomotives larger that 13.6tons
Shoe brakes provide the opportunity to add other ____ powered equipment
What are three main considerations governing the choice of a diesel locomotive
The most common type of traction battery is made of _______
Traction batteries are rated to operate for __ hours
Traction batteries take approximately __ hours to completely charge
The overall traction battery locomotive efficiency is usually ______%
As a rule of thumb, the required weight of rails to handle a locomotive is _____ lb per yard per ton of locomotive
If a mine track provides a radius of curvature of _____ft, there is no problem
If the radius of curvature is between 35 and ____ ft, it should be checked with the manufacturer
On every level where mechanical track haulage is employed, a minimum clearange of at least ____cm should be maintained between the sides of the haulage-way and the cars or locomoti
If the minimum clearances cant be met, there must be safety stations at every __m
The continuing standard for locomotive brakes is
For electric locomotives, ____ braking is arranged such that the controller activates it
On lighter locomotives with minimum grades, ___ brakes can be used

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