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Forced Order
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What does HPGR stand for?
Three kinds of filters used in mineral processing
Advantages of the rotary drum filter
Added to selectively adsorb onto a mineral surface and increase wettability
Reduces the energy requirement in crushing
Alters the pH of the froth
Adsorb to the surface of hydrophobic minerals and renders them hydrophilic
Adsorb to the hydrophobic surfaces and induce a high degree of hydrophobicity
Added to a froth to preserve small bubbles and stabilize the froth
AMD is caused when sulfidic minerals come in contact with water and undergo
What does AMD stand for?
True or False: Hydrocyclones are classed as gravity separators
True or False: Magnetic separation can be operated either wet or dry
A good example of active gangue is
Gangue that will not need further processing or require special site treatment, but adds to volume and requires disposal
Gangue that will cause further pollution to process
____ effects lead to problems in measuring the contact angle between 2 surfaces
If xanthate was added to a solution, the contact angle between an air bubble and galena would ___
What does HPGR stand for?
What does SAG stand for?

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