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A mineral that is largely magnetic is considered...
Nc = 42.3 / [(sqrt(D-d))] this equation represents...?
Hydrocyclone: the coarse, or _______, will be recycled into the mills for further grinding
Flotation:__________ cause small bubbles to form, increasing surface area and stabilizing froth
A mineral which adds processing volume but does not consume resources or pollute is called
space mining would theoretically use _______ assisted drilling
A mineral _________ is a concentration of mineral that is or has the potential to be economically extrac
A mineral _________ can be extracted economically now
__________ development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
Flotation: __________ cause weakly hydrophobic particles to become more hydro
AG = ...?
Flotation: __________ make hydrophobic particles more hydrophilic
A mineral type that at a specific point consumes additional resources or causes pollution is called
In sulphide minerals, oxidation can lead to a ________ in flotation recovery
Hydrocyclone: the fines, or _______, continue to the separation process
Geochemical/Microbial reaction involving sulphide oxidation forming sulphuric acid
In flotation, as time increases, recovery (a) increases (b) decreases
HPGR = ...?
Hydrophillic molecules are
Electrostatic separation measures differences in
hydrophobic minerals are
A mineral that is weakly magnetic is considered...
Flotation: _________ increase wettability
SAG = ...?
NSR = ...?

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