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Good Vibrational dampening. Weak and brittle in tension, strong in compression. Graphite Flakes
Graphite nodules. Stronger, less ductile.
Very hard and brittle. Pearlite and cementite.
Heat treated white iron (800-900 deg C), strong and ductile, graphite rosettes
Hight thermal cond, good resistance to thermal shock
Limitations of ferrous alloys
Limitations of ferrous alloys
Limitations of ferrous alloys
Relatively low density, space applications
Highest strength to weight ratio, aerospace
Very low density, easily ignitable
Good fabrication method for metals with low ductilities
Good fabrication method when making one large part is not practical
Heating to a certain temperature, then cooling slowly
Meausre of a materials ability to form martensite
Types of ferrous alloys
Types of ferrous alloys

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