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Hydrogen Production Methods
Hydrogen reforming is the ____ effective hydrogen production method
Standard electrolysis has an efficiency of approximately ____%
High Temperature Electrolysis can raise efficiency up to ____%
High Pressure Electrolysis can raise efficiency up to _____%
In thermal production, H20 molecules ______ under high temp. and in presence of a catalyst
Hydrogen reforming has an efficiency of approx ____%
Thermal production has an efficiency of _____%
Chemical production is an exothermic process that has ____ as a catalyst
Allows one type of charged particle to flow through it while blocking another
Reactant charged by the cell in order to create current
Help speed up reactions
Where the charges and reactions occur.
Type of Fuel Cell: Most effective (~70%), KOH electrolyte, OH charge carrier,
Type of Fuel Cell: CO2, O2 and H as inputs, carbonate charge carrier, molten carbonate salt as electrolye
Type of Fuel Cell: H+ charge carrier, 60-80degC, solid electrolyte
Type of Fuel Cell: 150-220degC, 40-85% efficiency, high concentration phosphoric acid as electrolyte
Type of Fuel Cell: ceramic anode/cathode/electrolyte, high efficiency, up to 1000degC
Type of Fuel Cell:polymer electrolyte, methanol and O2 as inputs, < 40% efficiency

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