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Components of Coal Ore
Components of Ash
Types of Non-Sulfur Compounds
Types of Inorganic Sulfur Compounds
Types of Organic Sulfur Compounds
The most important aspect of coal processing ever
Fresh coal exhibits _________ properties
Oxidized coal exhibits _________ properties
Methods of creating heavy media
Purpose of hydrocyclone IN GRINDING CIRCUIT
Purpose of hydrocyclone IN SEPARATION CIRCUIT
Oxidation intensity ________ the hydrophobicity of particles, thereby decreasing separation efficiency
The greater the contact angle theta, the greater the ______
To analyze coal grade, the amount of ___ is determined
Coal accounts for ____% of the worlds electricity
The shittiest coal grade
The most common coal grade
The coal grade with the highest carbon and lowest sulfur content
Coal can be processed into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel through 2 methods:
The change of vegetation to form peat, then peat to lignite and more mature coal grades is known as _____
4 Main Uses of Coal
Coke is produced by _____ bituminous coal
Coke changes the properties of ___ to make steel

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