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Can you name the type of intellectual property described by the clue? (Patent, Trademark, Copywrite or Trade Secret)?

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This grant allows you to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing your invention.
The lifetime of this grant is 20 years from the earliest filing date.
The lifetime of this grant is the lifetime of the recipient plus 50 years.
This grant indicates the source of goods or services.
The office for this type of grant is a branch of the Library of Congress.
Customer lists would typically be this.
There are two types of this grant: registered and unregistered.
You typically get this grant for a logo, slogan, or image.
A person wanting to protect a song or a book would typically apply for this grant.
You can file for this at the USPTO.
Registration of this grant requires interstate commerce.
Reasonable efforts to keep information from being public knowledge is an a requirement for this.

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