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DefinitionBusiness Termonology
The date when a patent application is received by the Patent and Trademark Office.
A registered name, symbol, or logo.
A mandatory production and manufacturing practice aimed towards helping ensure the production of quality goods.
The set of compounds a company has in development.
A temporary, FDA-granted, monopoly granting a company undivided rights to its product.
A USPTO grant that gives a company the right to exclude others from practicing an invention.
The analysis of large quantities of biological information using computers and other information technology.
A compensatory payment to right holding patent holders and/or product developers.
A service organization that provides outsourced support for biopharmaceutical development, preclinical research, clinical research, and/or clinical trials management.
A group of scientists and businessmen that provides objective feedback for the company.
DefinitionBusiness Termonology
The world's largest developer of standards aimed toward establishing practices, requirements, and terminologies for products, services and systems.
The first sale of company stock to the public.
An exclusive right to publish, perform, display, and distribute an original product or work.
An initial investment in a start-up company that can come from investment banks and/or groups of wealthy individuals.
The prescribing of a drug in a manner not approved by the FDA.
A written description of what should be done and when so to ensure consistent, quality service.
A drug with more than one billion dollars in sales.
A measure of the rate at which a company spends capital before generating revenue.
The acronym in pharmacokinetics to describe the settling of a pharmaceutical compound in the body.
A generic drug is _______ when it has the same chemical and biological properties as its patented counterpart.

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