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Forced Order
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Which actor portrays Gregory House?
What caused House to have a part of his leg removed?
What is House's title at the hospital?
What year did the television show first air?
When did the last season of the show air?
Where did House and Wilson meet?
What does Wilson break at House's fathers funeral?
Which of the main characters is the first to speak in the series?
What is the name of Wilson's first wife?
What is the name of the African dictator Chase kills?
Besides Vicodin, what is the only thing that helps take House's pain away?
Which hospital is Foreman fired from after leaving House's team?
What country does Thirteen try to fly to, when her tickets are mysteriously cancelled?
When a patient thought he was talking cough medicine, what was he actually taking?
House helps a patient in the clinic that has what stuck in his rectum?
What item causes a handful of newborns to become sick at the hospital?
What drug is Cameron on when she first sleeps with Chase?
Which day of the week does Chase choose to continually ask Cameron out?
How much money did Vogler bring to the hospital?
What is the name of Cuddy's adopted daughter?
What are the names of Taub's two daughters?
Why is Thirteen in prison for a year?
What vehicle crashes into the bus that House and Amber are on?
How many fellowships applied for the open diagnostic positions?
What ends Chase's bachelor party prematurely?
How much money does Cuddy set aside a year for legal expenses involving House's department?
What disease does Wilson's brother have?
Besides medicine, what other activity is House amazing at?
How many tumors does House find in his leg after taking an experimental drug?
What is the name of House's ex-girlfriend?
What is the name of the dog House accepts from Wilson?
What causes Tritter to revoke his deal to House?
Who takes over the diagnostic department in the end of the series?
When House helps the FBI, what caused the spy to become ill?
Who does House imagine stripping for him on a bus?
what does House refuse to wear throughout the series?
What part of the body does House take a sample from his 'father' for a DNA sample?
What is House's usual hiding spot?
Who breaks Cuddy's toilet, adding to the need for renovations?
What is one of the countries House lives in as a child?
What character does LL Cool J play?
What is the topic of the medical textbook House hides pills in?
10 fellowships were assigned to wash House's car. After Amber staged a mutiny, how many were left?
When House electrocuted himself, who did he page?
What is the name of the psychiatric facility House attends?
Who bets House he can't go a week without Vicodin?
What is the name of House's rat?
What is House's favorite soap opera?
The first time House detoxes, he breaks what part of his body?
What did House use to electrocute himself?
What cancer killed Chase's father?
In season one, what does the ouji board spell out when played?
What college did Cuddy attend?
What branch of the armed forces was House's father enlisted?
What is House's mothers name?
Where is Princeton Plainsboro located?
What does Cameron keep of her dead husbands?
What does Wilson hide from House until he helps a patient?
What is Cuddy's title?
What medical device does Vogler's company make?
What university was House kicked out of?
What car did House receive from a mobster patient?
What gift does House give Cuddy when her office is being redone?
What does Foreman's mother suffer from?
What is the name of the Russian that House marries?
What is the name of Foreman's brother that House hires as an assistant?
How did House and Stacy meet?
Who's account did Tritter freeze first?
Who lied in court to keep House out of jail?
Who is Lucas originally hired to spy on?
Why does Cuddy leave the hospital?
Who takes over as Dean of Medicine after Cuddy leaves?
How long did Cameron's marriage last in college?
What does House break in his home to find a secret stash of pills?
What does Cuddy do with a pill found on the bathroom floor?
What does Amber bring to the group while they are grave robbing?
What is the name of the doctor that House witnesses in Japan that can solve the case no other doctor could?
At the beginning of their relationship, what is the first nice thing House does for Wilson?
What is stolen from House's place when he leaves the door open for the dog?
What is the name of House's psychiatrist?
What medical machine does House ruin in a prank gone wrong?
Where does House 'wake up' after the bus accident?
What color is House's motorcycle?
Wilson skips monster trucks to have dinner with who?
Who does House take to monster trucks in place of Wilson?
What does Cameron request before coming back to work for House?
Of the original three, who is the last fellow to be hired?
Which character holds a world record for crawling the longest distance?
What is the profession of the patient that gets Foreman deathly ill?
What is House's most famous quote regarding patients, and people in general?
What illness is Thirteen diagnosed with?
What drug do Taub and Foreman take while locked in the file room during a lockdown?
Who is the only person, besides Wilson, that knows House is still alive at the end of the series?
Besides personality, what does Cameron use to compare Foreman and House to each other?
Who creates an online medical advice clinic under House's name?
What is the name of the baby Cuddy almost adopts from a young patient?
When diagnosed, how many months is Wilson told he has left to live?
What is the last line of the series?
What is it never?
Who is the creator of the House MD television series?

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