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On what planet does this game take place?Halo Reach
What year does HALO REACH take place? Halo Reach
What team of Spartans is this story about?Halo Reach
Who is the main character of the game?Halo Reach
Why was Reach colonized?Halo Reach
Why was planet Reach a good place to hide the Spartans during testing?Halo Reach
Why did the UNSC use Reach to hide from the Covenant?Halo Reach
What date did the Covenant find Reach?Halo Reach
What was the name of the supercarrier that the Covenant sent to Reach?Halo Reach
What was the date Reach fell?Halo Reach
What does U.N.S.C stand for?the UNSC
When was the UNSC formed?the UNSC
Why was the UNSC created?the UNSC
Who is in command of the UNSC?the UNSC
What was the first colony ship launched by the UNSC?the UNSC
How long did it take to build the odyssey?the UNSC
What is the engine used in most UNSC ships?the UNSC
What is the abriviated name of the main weapon of a UNSC ship?the UNSC
What does M.A.C stand for?the UNSC
Where do the UNSC get their orders from?the UNSC
What ship is Master Chief stationed on at this time?Halo CE
Who is Captain of the pillar of autumn?Halo CE
What year is it taking place?Halo CE
What is the name of the strange ring that the pillar of autumn lands on?Halo CE
Why is the Covenant interested in this place?Halo CE
What was the ring designed for?Halo CE
Who created the halo rings?Halo CE
What Covenant supercarrier is investigating the ring?Halo CE
What master chief does to the ring?Halo CE
How does he achieve this?Halo CE
Who are the insurrectionists?the insurrection
When did the insurrection start?the insurrection
What type of government do the insurrectionists want?the insurrection
Where the insurrection was mostly located?the insurrection
What project was started because of the insurrection?the insurrection
Who first led the Eridnus Rebels?the insurrection
Who was leader during the secessionist union?the insurrection
What party was responsible for the Haven Arcology bombing?the insurrection
How did the insurrectionists combat the Spartans?the insurrection
What essentially dealt a death blow to the insurrection?the insurrection
What space station is master chief on in HALO 2?Halo 2
What happens to Thel 'Vadamee upon his return to high charity?Halo 2
What version of Mjolnir armor does master chief get?Halo 2
What was the first task given to Thel ‘Vadamee as the arbiter?Halo 2
What city is destroyed by the Covenant jumping into slipspace?Halo 2
What frigate follows the carrier into slipspace?Halo 2
Who was the pilot of the IN AMBER CLAD?Halo 2
Where does master chief go on the mission Delta Halo?Halo 2
How did UNSC troops arrive on instillation 05?Halo 2
What troops use H.E.V. pods the most?Halo 2
Who are the three leaders of the Covenant?the covenant
What species are the Elites?the covenant
What species are the Grunts?the covenant
What species are the Brutes?the covenant
What species are the Jackals?the covenant
Who is the highest ranking Elite in the Covenant?the covenant
What is the name of the most recent arbiter?the covenant
Who is the leader of the Brutes?the covenant
What is the name of Tartarus’s hammer?the covenant
What is the name of The Prophet’s holy city?the covenant
What planet does halo 3 mostly take place on?Halo 3
What prophet is the main antagonist?Halo 3
Who teams up with master chief?Halo 3
Finish the quote “ship master they outnumber us 3-1…”?Halo 3
Who said the quote from the last question?Halo 3
What Forerunner A.I. helps master chief?Halo 3
What instillation does master chief go to?Halo 3
What is another name for instillation 00?Halo 3
What enemy does master chief encounter on the ark?Halo 3
How does he defeat the flood?Halo 3
What is the flood?the flood
Where was the first flood encounter?the flood
What is required to coordinate the flood?the flood
What is the state of the flood without a gravemind?the flood
What is the state with a gravemind?the flood
On what planet did the Forerunners first encounter the flood?the flood
What A.I. was created in order to combat the flood?the flood
What life forms were first to encounter the flood?the flood
Who was the Forerunner to suggest the composer as a solution to the flood?the flood
How were the flood destroyed?the flood
What ship is master chief on during cryo?Halo 4
How long was master chief in cryo?Halo 4
Who is scanning the forward unto dawn?Halo 4
What is the shield world that master chief is on?Halo 4
What 2 main enemies dose master chief encounter?Halo 4
Why must master chief warn the infinity?Halo 4
Who designed the INFINITY?Halo 4
Who is captain of the UNSC INFINITY?Halo 4
What type of Spartans are trained on the infinity?Halo 4
Why is Cortana malfunctioning?Halo 4
What year was the human-Forerunner war?the forerunners
Where did the human-Forerunner war take place?the forerunners
Who was head of the Forerunner militarythe forerunners
What is the Forerunner home world?the forerunners
Who passed the “mantel of responsibility” to the Forerunners?the forerunners
How many years of conflict were there between the Forerunners and the flood?the forerunners
What A.I. allied with the flood?the forerunners
What is the name of the Didacts Ship?the forerunners
Who is the wife of the Didact?the forerunners
How were the Forerunners wiped out?the forerunners

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