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She's a bad girl, i know (i know) But here i go again, oh no
You must come back home
Man... You just chilln this track woops... Ye ye ye ye
U already know Mr. Gonzo in the buildin'
Baby, do you really wanna hurt me ? Why are you doin' this to me ? Why ?
I say brrrrrrrrah !
Hey! Won't you take me to funky town?
Aw~ Are you ready my fellas ? Let's go
It shut it down, Love It shut it down, Blind It shut it down, Passion
Pick your feet up I'ma move to the groove baby I'ma go all out
If I ever lose my power to fly Then your love takes me high I'll always be true to you
Digi Digi Bob Bob to the Sound
You're my lady ~ You're my lady ~ You're my lady ~ with you
I miss you I need you Come back to me...
Tell me why Love is over Love is dead Going crazy
I wanna go back to you
Hey ladies (here we go) Oh you like it Oh you love it It's the brand Imma trend
Sorry I'm sorry Oh My god
Here we go once again, Guess who's back, let's go
The moon always stay there I will always be here (for you, want you)
Please don't stay in my heart once you're gone
Turn it up, it's goin' down Get out the club if you ain't feelin' this sound
Hey, live it up right away, huh ?
You made me feel me shock ! I must feel this.
My time is still going on

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