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'Whistle while you work' like these short friends.1937
He just wants to trade in his wooden body for flesh and blood.1940
This film is filled with colorful images set to a captivating soundtrack, featuring your favorite mouse friend, of course!1940
Two big ears and a small mouse friend.1941
One of the most beloved 'tear-jerker' films of all times. Featuring Thumper and Flower.1942
Glass slipper. Need much else be said?1950
John, Michael, and Wendy Darling.1953
Captain Nemo learns about the gigantic horned whale.1954
Never-ending adventures from fighting Indians, to tracking and hunting bear in his native Tennessee.1955
Classic spaghetti kiss.1955
A wicked curse could mean death on the 16th birthday of this princess.1959
This Disney original is similar to a somewhat recent recreation; two twins meet at summer camp.1961
Lots of white dogs with black spots. 1961
'A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,' with this original super nanny.1964
Mowgli. That is all.1967
'Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay,' three kittens, an alley cat, a butler and a trunk bound for Timbuktu.1970
This classic vigilante is on a mission to help the poor.1973
A set of psychic twins desperately want to discover their origins. Turns out they aren't witches, but aliens.1975
This Disney original is also similar to a somewhat recent recreation; a mother and daughter trade place.1976
Miss Bianca and Bernard track a kidnapper's trail with the help of an albatross and a dragonfly.1977
Tod and Copper are childhood playmates who just want to be friends.1981
He is the Sherlock Holmes of the mouse community.1986
An inventor accidentally shrinks his two kids as well as the neighbor's kids.1989
Ariel. Need I say more?1989
A timeless fairy tale about a young prince transformed into an ugly beast.1991
Adapted from an Arabian classic folktale.1992
Three witch sisters.1993
This remake of the popular Disney classic follows two dogs and a cat as they venture across America.1993
This half-literate son of a drunk, runs away from home and follows the Mississippi River with an escaped slave named Jim.1993
A boy prays for a chance to have a family if the California Angels win the pennant.1994
Evil uncle = Scar.1994
Tim Allen is Scott Calvin (SC).1994
Gerry's parents send him to Camp Hope with the hope of Gerry returning a few pounds lighter.1995
An independent Native American girl falls in love with an English explorer.1995
A story of toys... A cowboy and a spaceman.1995
A deformed bellringer and his gypsy dancing friend.1996
Buddy is a lovable golden retriever who plays basketball.1997
A Tarzan-like man moves from the Jungle to the city. His name is George.1997
Born to the Greek god Zeus; he is half-mortal, half-god.1997
Robin Williams and some flying rubber.1997
A Disney Channel original inline skating movie.1998
A traditional Chinese girl joins the army.1998
A large ape named Joe.1998
A young orphan is taken in by a kind gorilla, Kala.1999
An inspirational film about a football team.2000
Mia has a lack of social grace. She soon discovers that her estranged father is a member of a European royal family.2001
Max is forced to face school bullies when he learns he is no longer moving.2001
These monsters thrive on scaring children.2001
Hilary Duff. The Army.2002
An alien and a young Hawaiian girl.2002
City-slicker Ted Brooks heads to Alaska after his mother passes away and he begins racing SNOW DOGS.2002
Four young school girls who loved to dance and sing, become a nationwide sensation.2003
A young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is then magically changed into a bear himself.2003
Jack Sparrow in his first film. 2003
A superhero family.2004
The Gates family shares an obsession for finding hidden treasures.2004
A Navy SEAL becomes a baby sitter.2005
Based on popular book, this is the first movie in the series about a world inside a wardrobe. 2005
This little chicken thinks the sky is falling.2005
At this highschool, students randomly break out into song and dance.2006
The movie is about vehicles that can talk.2006
This food extraordinaire happens to be a rat.2007
Twelve year old Lewis builds a time machine to meet his mother, who abandoned him as a baby.2007
Mitchie Torres gets the opportunity to attend a prestigious summer camp to be a rock star.2008
Canine television superhero.2008
The year is 2700 and the world is free from humans.2008
A young boy and an old man float off into the sky... in a house.2009
This new Disney movie is loosely based on the ancient tale of Rapunzel.2010
A father & son are reunited and embark on a dangerous journey into the depths of a beautiful cyber-verse.2010
A sequel directed by Tim Burton, based on the original classic Disney movie about a girl named Alice.2010

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