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Can you name the answers regarding Simpsons episode 'Duffless'?

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Can't stop doing ___ ______!!!
What is Lisa repeating as Bart wakes up?
Where is Homer ducking out of work to go to?
'If the plant ye wish to flee, go to sector __'
'To overcome the spider's curse, simply quote _ _____ _____'
Instead of quoting the above answer, Homer ______ _ ____ to overcome the spider.
Who did Barney mistake for a pile of rags?
Name one of the former presidents from the classic duff ad.
What idea does the duff company have for the future?
What show did Lisa say she was laughing about instead of Bart as a hamster?
Lisa uses these to test Bart
What is Lionel Hutz's solution to getting Homer out of prison?
How can a hamster write mysteries?
Drunk Ned Flanders: '___ ______ is a boring old bitty'
Do you need a beer to fall asleep?
What goes in an alcohol fuelled car in Homer's mind?
Homer, without beer realizes how boring ________ is.
What is on the field, according to the announcer?
Who would Homer kill for a drop of sweet beer?
Where does Homer tell Moe to put the beer before going back to marge?

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