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Who's father is the soccer coach (one of/if not the ONLY time we ever see him)?
What 'R' rated movie are the boys going to sneak in to?
This Wheel of Fortune answer hilariously coincided with Marge reminding Homer to pick up Bart. 'I'm __ __ ___!'
Who is hosting Tuesday Night Live (SNL parody)?
'Marge, when kids these days say 'bad' they means ____'
Lisa racks up the phonebill calling the _____ Hotline
Who does Marge admit to having a crush on when she was a girl?
What classic tv series' coloring book does Dr. Hibbert offer Lisa?
While at his new Big Brother's place, what cartoon show do they watch instead of Itchy and Scratchy?
What does Milhouse bring to show and tell?
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What is Homer's reason for becoming a 'Bigger Brother'?
If Lisa can make it til ________, she will have beaten her Hotline addiction.
Homer passes a bum sleeping in a dumpster, 'Hehehe, just like _____ ___ _______'
What prized possession of Bart did Homer give to Pepi?
Tom saves the starfish thrown by Homer, which immediately get eaten in the _____ tank'
Name the drunken frat boy who tipped off the news station that one of the fighters was a giant lizard.
Homer and Tom's fight goes from the aquarium, to the bottom of this Springfield landmark.
Tom punches out Homer, who lands backward over a ____ _______
'First, shriek like a woman and keep sobbing til he turns away in disgust, THAT'S when it's time to kick some ____'
'Then when he's down on the ground, kick him in the ribs, step on his neck then ___ ____ ____'

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