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Can you name the Simpsons Whacking Day?

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Bart, Jimbo, Nelson, Kearney have all won ________ _____
'It's always the _________ fault, isn't it Seymour?'
What's in the center of the Jello brick?
''Did that boy say 'what's a battle'? 'No! He said _____ ____ ______?''
(inspecting the sandbox) 'Excellent, not a trace of _____'
'Why is the cafeteria worker posing as the _____?'
'Tonight on Eye on Springfield, a nudist camp for _______!'
Who was the honorary grand marshall of Whacking Day in the file footage?
What day is Whacking Day?
What's a side effect of the cola 'Nature's Goodness'?
What did Marge buy for class?
Question/ HintAnswer:Extra fun
Who was the guest speaker to talk to the class (Bart)?
Grampa, during the war posed as a ...
'They should call this book ______ ________'
Guest director on Itchy and Scratchy
Who is Barney supposed to be playing at the Olde Towne?
Name of the fort Bart and Marge are at...
The tune to the Whacking Day anthem is set to what holiday song?
Who is the grand marshall of Whacking Day in the episode?
What will attract snakes?
Whacking Day was started in 1924 as an excuse to beat up ___ _____!
'What if they're dead sir? We ride these bikes to ______...'

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