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Can you name the Simpsons Homer the Heretic?

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Where does Homer NOT want to go in the start of the episode?
'I'm whizzin' with the door open and _ ____ __!'
What is broken at the church, causing an uncomfortable time for all?
What classic trio is Homer watching on tv?
Finding a penny on the ground is Homer's new favorite memory above marrying marge and dancing in a rain of ____.
In his dream, Homer is visited by ___
'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to appear in a tortilla in ______'
''I knew it was special because normally I dream about naked... _____'
Homer calls in sick for his religious holiday, 'Feast of _______ _________'
In the Itchy and Scratchy episode, what falls on Scratchy's house?
After fleeing Flanders, Homer lands on a barge filled with trash. Where is it going?
question/ Hintanswer:extra fun
Krusty is collecting for the brotherhood of ______ ______.
Homer stays at home reading a ________.
'Please do not offer my god a _______'
Homer falls asleep, starting a fire caused by his _____
The little boy Apu puts in charge of the Qwik E Mart pulls out a _______.
Who goes in to save Homer?
Name one of the volunteer firemen
Who saved the cat?
In heaven in Homer's dream, who loses at air hockey?
Who really displeases God?

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