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Most abundant element in the universe
Means: 'Water Loving'
Means: 'Water Fearing'
Ionic bonds in water are (strong or weak)
Bond of weak electrostatic interaction, and a good angle makes it better.
Forms around hydrophobic species in water
Weakest bonds in biology
Bond from a fluctuation of electrons
Element that readily oxidizes and reduces
Most reduced form of carbon (small molecule)
Most oxidized form of carbon (small molecule)
The _________ form of Carbon contains energy in its electrons
Aldehydes are more reduced than alcohols (True or False)
Carboxillic acids are more oxidized than Ketones (True/False
Reactions that cause breakdown of large molecules. Release energy
Reactions that build large macromolecules/biomolecules
This is a link of monomers
Alcohol, Aldehyde, Carboxylic acid, phophate, amine. These are all example of ___________ groups
_____________ reaction builds polymers
Short hand for H3O+ in biology
molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one
Breast, prostate lung and colon cancer
Connective tissue cancer (bone, doesn't include blood)
Can Red blood cells cause cancer?
Leukemia comes from _______ forming cells
this is a cell trait that means it can differentiate to anything
Enzymes can be _________ and/or ________
You must know the functions of proteins (True or False?)
How many amino acids are there?
Change in a DNA sequence
alpha helix of a protein is an example of what level of structure
Monomeric proteins have ___________ as the highest level of structure
An Amino acid sequence is _________ structure
Cells that adopt 'survival of the fittest' as their reason for living
A dimer, trimer, tetramer, pentamer, hexamer.... these are
This was added to pet food in china to bolster protein content rating
The pet food additive from china is high in what element?
The pet food additive from china crystallizes in the
Kinases add what to proteins
DNA means
DNA to RNA is
RNA to protein is
Energy carrying nucleotide
'A' nucleotides pair to
G nucleotides pair to
Nucleosides are missing this thing from nucleotides
Cuts DNA from the end
Cuts DNA from the interior
Takes water and removes a phosphate group
Restriction enzymes cannot cut ________ DNA
These enzymes cut specific sequences of DNA
DNA _________ connects up DNA strands
Housekeeping functions happen in this phase
'S' stands for this phase of the cell cycle
G2 Phase is when cells are getting ready to
Cell division happens in this phase
this crazy procedure makes you a ton of DNA from primers and your favorite DNA sequence
two types of DNA are in this type of plasmid
Molecules for fuel, they form polymers
Two sugars linked together by a glycosidic linkage
Cytokinesis is Cell ___________
G0 cells are in the cell cycle (true or false)
These molecules have tons of energy and are not polymers
has one side hydrophillic, other is hydrophobic
this checkpoint makes sure there's no DNA damage
Enzymes lower the ________ barrier
Enzymes change the amounts of products and substrates at equilibrium (true or false)
Making a product may require _________ reactions
Place in the enzyme where substrates bind
Place in the enzyme where the real chemistry happens
A group that assists an enzyme, doesn't need to be protein
Makes DNA from RNA
Cut out of RNA before it is translated
elements that are in the same piece of DNA (Cis or Trans)
Can be huge distances away but affect the Transcription rate
The mechanism making more proteins from one gene
Genes that look normal but are never actually made into protein
Formylated Methionine happens in what kind of proteins
this mutation causes no change to sequence
This mutation causes a stop prematurely
This mutation causes a start codon where it should not
Causes the open reading frame to change
Uracil nucleotides are found in
Cdk, a kinase needed for cell division, stands for
Cyclins are regulated by transcription (true or false)
These normally stimulate cell division. If they become active at inappropriate times, they can cause cancer
Tumor suppressors normally do what to cell division
Growth factors do enter the cell (true or false)
Cells dividing when they shouldn't be is a condition called
Both genes need to be mutated for cancer to be caused due to _____ _________
The G protein that we talked about in class that is a classic proto-oncogene
GEF stands for
GAP stands for
When a protein that is active in the cell cycle gets a promoter from a constitutively active gene is called a _______ ___________
p53 is a _____ __________
Cell Cycle arrest is caused by this Guardian of the Genome
p53 does what functionally? It induces ____________
p53 causes this Cdk inhibitor to be made

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