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Can you complete this 4-letter word ladder based on the UK National Anthem?

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1. God ____ our gracious Queen,
2. Transferred possession
3. 2003 Nicholson/Keaton film. Something's Gotta ____
4. Long ____ our noble Queen,
5. Goes after 'finishing', 'Maginot' & 'thin blue'
6. Mathematical function
7. Samoan currency
8. ____ her victorious,
9. Contents of a beach
10.Performed a musical ditty
11. Cameroon soccer players Alex & Rigobert
12. ____ to reign....
13. Breathing organ
14. Animal plop loved by a certain beetle
15. One 1/2 of a bell's sound - Ding ____
16. Mr McLean & Mr King
17. Many female deers
18. Makes a psychedelic T-Shirt
19. Seeing organs
20. Christmas and New Year have one
21. At all times
22. .... ____ us
23. Legal term: ___ and terminer
24. One who makes knots
25. North Pacific type of salmon
26. Newcastle's river
27. Maori god of the forests
28. Not mad
29. God ____ the Queen.

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